K&N Efthymiadis S.A., continuing it's growth strategy, has concluded a new co-operation agreement with one of the world leaders in fertilizers, for the production and distribution of their products in Greece and the Balkans.

ICL Fertilizers is the largest producr of phosphorus and kalium in the world, with production facilities of simple and composite fertilizers in Germany, Holland, USA, Spain, Israel and Turkey.

The main products are:

  • Peak-MKP 0-52-34
  • Nova-MAP 12-61-0
  • Magphos 0-55-19 + 8MgO
  • FertiK 0-0-61(Kcl)

Furtheremore, the product range of NUTRIVANT fertilizers, products which are specialized according to each crop (such as Nutrivant olive, Nutrivant grape, Nutrivant cereals, etc.), are considered a novelty in leaf fertilization. The Nutrivant product range contain the element Fertivant, which  helps the absorbsion of all ingredients on the leaf surface.