9 Products
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum strain D747 25%
Dimethomorph  18%
Zoxamide 18%
Folpet 40%
Metalaxyl 10%
Cyflufenamid 5,13%
Emulsion (EW)
Copper hydroxide 35%
Water Dispersible Granules (WG)
Eugenol 3.3%
Geraniol 6.6%
Thymol 6.6%
Capsule suspension (CS)
Flutolanil 46%
Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Copper oxide 75%
Water Dispersible Granules (WG)
Cyflufenamid 10%
Suspension Concentrate (SC)

Plant protection products should be used in a safe manner. Always read the label and the product information before use.

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